Paul Kunze Named IntraSystems CEO

Published On: June 22, 2023none

IntraSystems has announced that it has been acquired by ACCSCIENT, LLC, a subsidiary of FutureTech Holding Company (FTH).  Paul E. Kunze has been named Chief Executive Officer for IntraSystems.  Prior to being named CEO, Paul was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at IntraSystems since its inception in 1996.  Paul’s experience in the industry as well as his vision has kept IntraSystems on the top of its class for over 25 years. Since IntraSystems’ inception, Paul has maintained highly successful partnerships with key vendors in the industry while continuing to grow partnerships with other leading technology vendors to ensure IntraSystems meets the growing needs of our customer base. Paul actively serves as a member on several vendors’ technology councils.

Additionally, Al Collins has been named Chief Technology Officer for IntraSystems.  In this role, Al interacts with our customers in defining their technical roadmap and strategy, including creating new initiatives to meet their needs.  Al understands the requirements of our customers and proposes technical solutions to improve their environment.  Al brings more than 23 years of experience in information technology having worked in all verticals, including financial, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and high-tech.

Moreover, Applications2U (A2U), a Pittsburgh-based company that was acquired by ACCSCIENT in 2018, has become a part of IntraSystems, LLC.  A2U is a full-service IT solutions provider specializing in managed services, cloud services, and security.  As part of the acquisition, Paul Kunze, CEO, will take over the helm of leadership at both companies.