Loss Mitigation

BITB™ provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for automated mortgage loan collection and loss mitigation, determining loss mitigation options according to investor mortgage rules and lending regulations.

Mortgage Servicing Solution

Premier-Hosted. Cloud-Based.

Out of the Box Solution

The BITB™ solution includes all compliance and regulations within the application, removing this burden and stress from your side.

Seamless Integration

BITB™ provides a fully-integrated service and technology that will complement and enhance your existing processes.

BITB™ Solution

Mortgage Servicing Solution

BITB™ Model: A managed service, pre-configured out-of-the-box solution built with industry best practices for streamlined implementations.

BITB™ Technology enables you to leverage powerful corporate computing solutions and the latest Internet technologies without prohibitive in-house technology costs.

Complete end to end workflow, calculators and eligibility
Pre-configured and tested
| Pre-configured documents
Standard Integrations

Loan Solution Center

A friendly experience aimed to facilitate communication between borrower and servicer, including document upload functionality and real-time messaging to apply for a hardship.

  • Increase Borrower Participation
  • Streamline Documentation
  • Enhance Servicer Timeline Requirements
  • Branding, Accessibility and Compliance
  • Disaster Programs and Support

Rules-Based Decisioning

BITB™ uses all the borrower information collected or submitted through LoanSolutionCenter, a proprietary rules-based engine that guides decision making, to recommend the best option for each investor workout type. In addition, BITB™ is a “smart” system, with calculators for transaction analysis that will help the client put an end to the proliferation of inefficient spreadsheets, databases, and other programs managed in-house.


BITB™ also provides the client with a configurable or per-configured report for every functional area, including meaningful metrics on collection and loss mitigation results, so you can track performance of your overall process and specific agents.

Guideline and Compliance

Guideline and Compliance is maintained through our on-going contractual collaboration with the GSE requirements, integrating and identifying a preferred methodology for new programs and mandates. All other regulations are handled through a compliance team, allowing BITB™ to take the majority of the regulation interpretation out of the servicer’s hands and maintain it within the application.

Value Proposition

BITB™ provides many added values to the mortgage servicing industry.
Here are some of our clients’ favorite business benefits.

Increased Productivity

As a managed service, the BITB™ workflow guides the end user step-by-step, thereby increasing daily workflow output.

Disaster Program Support

BITB™ offers mass decisioning capabilities for all types of disaster programs, providing an automated decision-making engine. If notices or documentation are required from the customer as part of the decision, BITB™ produces the documents and they are sent back to the servicers for delivery to the borrowers.

Increased Compliance

As a managed application, BITB™ provides ongoing support with all investor requirements, relieving client’s management and IT departments of workload.

Document Generation

BITB™ document generation tools include all required documents in one solution integrated into the workflow with batch and local print capabilities.

Reduction in Servicing Cost

BITB™ drives higher decisioning volume with a lower decisioning timeframe due to its workflow and third-party integrations, speeding up the processing time of decisioning for both retention and liquidation.

Internal and External Audit

Audit capabilities, such as asset reports, provide a complete snapshot of the loans default lifecycle in the BITB™ platform, leading to better quality control success.

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