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A data sciences company

OvalEdge helps enterprises manage large volumes of data through data cataloging and enhanced data governance.

How we help our clients

As a data sciences company, we virtually centralize all of your company’s data into a single repository or catalog – empowering anyone with Excel skills to understand trends, identify opportunities, and gain deeper perspectives. Sophisticated users can even build recommendation or predictive engines. 

OvalEdge crawls all your databases, data lake, and your back-end systems to create an easy-to-use smart data catalog and a discovery platform that analysts can use to discover data and deliver powerful insights quickly.


OvalEdge can enable your end-to-end Data Governance vision with


  • Best Practices and tools that enable
    • Data Literacy
    • Data Quality
    • Data Access
  • Self Service Tools that execute
    • Data Discovery
    • Collaborative Analytics
    • Impact Analysis
    • Compare Tools
    • Privacy Tools