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Using App Delivery Technologies to Improve the Patient Experience

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Time is a critical metric in the delivery of healthcare services, and the client was challenged with how to give more time back to their most critical resources, the front-line healthcare workers. These workers were struggling with an inefficient user experience when accessing applications on their client devices in hospital facilities.


This large integrated healthcare system with approximately 20,000 employees across over 130 facilities had a significant issue with productivity due to extended wait times for users to access applications. When the average time a clinician can spend with a patient is between 12 to 14 minutes, every unproductive second is magnified in its impact, which drove the client to look for a partner to help.


They turned to A2U because of their deep experience with all elements of end-user computing environments, from devices through to the virtualized application delivery technologies.


A2U started by decomposing the user profiles and the overall business process and workflows to develop a solution that focused on improving the patient experience. By developing a design that applied use case context to data and application usage, they were able to architect a solution that was deployed across 5,000+ clinical devices with over 10,000 clinical users.


This solution improved the time to productivity by over 30X, and clinical users were able to serve their patients in as a little as 2 seconds.


Beyond the tremendous productivity gain, this streamlined experience greatly improved the ability of the client to deliver exceptional healthcare services by directly improving the clinician and patient interaction, which is truly is the most important metric.

This solution improved time to productivity by over 30X