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Leveraging a Strategic Partner to Uncover Top-Tier Aerospace Engineering Talent

As an award-winning information technology staffing firm, we specialize in pairing exceptional talent from high value and often constrained skill areas with exceptional companies across the Aerospace Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Financial Services and other sectors.


United Launch Alliance (ULA) is the industry leader in the development of rockets and the launching of satellites for national defense and government agencies including NASA and commercial clients. Founded in 2006 as a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, ULA has been racing to meet the exponentially growing needs of the aerospace industry.


PDS has helped ULA meet these complex challenges since 2007, supporting their need to engage with the best aerospace engineering and software development talent in flexible ways, while staying within defined economic parameters.


Despite targeting some of the scarcest resources available in the talent market, PDS’ robust network and specialized approach has provided ULA with over 500 engineers for several different projects. ULA has been able to optimize their economics by leveraging resources in different models – while most of them operate on a contract or project basis, 10% of them have converted to full-time employees.


Beyond providing top industry talent, PDS has become a trusted advisor to ULA and have engaged across multiple ULA departments and projects spanning from months to years. These projects range across complex Zuken engineering drawings for launch pads and lab equipment, to supporting a CNSSI compliance audit, and multi-year projects to convert and update support equipment schematics that are used daily.


With PDS’ partnership approach of flexibility, risk management, and an unwavering focus on delivering top talent and results, ULA is positioned to continue exceeding the challenges of the future.

PDS’ robust network and specialized approach has provided ULA with over 500 engineers