Financial Optimization


This client had significant concerns that one of their most critical security components was not financially aligned with the market and was not architected optimally for their environment.


As a large global transportation firm, they were very conscious that inefficiencies had significant cost impacts due to their scale and complexity. In addition to these concerns, they were facing an audit that they believed was unwarranted and predatory.

Despite the lack of a previous relationship, this client engaged MCS due to their established security expertise to conduct a security environment audit.

The MCS mission is to provide best-in-class cyber security solutions along with expert services to reduce our client’s exposure to business disruption stemming from security attacks or data theft and destruction.


MCS engaged without expense to the client and conducted a comprehensive licensing consumption and billing audit that only one week to complete.  They were very focused on providing insightful results but ensuring that the effort was non-invasive and non-disruptive to the client and was extremely efficient in leveraging any client resources. 

The results were compelling, MCS was able to show this client that they had been over-charged by multiple millions of dollars over an extended period of time.  Confirming this client’s concerns that they had been mis-aligned and negating the need for a vendor audit. 

As a result of this experience, MCS has continued to deliver this customer first approach and their security expertise in support of this client.