Building A Talent Partnership


Our client is a global non-profit organization with over 16 million members and facilities in over 160 countries that provides nearly $1 billion annually in worldwide humanitarian aid.  With the scale and breadth of services provided, this organization has unique challenges in addressing their digital and technology needs. 


A decentralized technology organization structure drives a wide variety of requirements for technical competencies and skills and adding to this are some unique cultural requirements and restrictive geographical parameters.  Combining these challenges with the financial constraints that impact every technology organization but are accentuated in non-profit enterprises and this client knew they needed to find a partner that could be innovative, flexible, financially competitive and truly committed to their success.

As an award-winning information technology staffing firm, we specialize in pairing exceptional talent from high value and often constrained skill areas with exceptional companies across the Aerospace Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Financial Services and other sectors.


PDS rose to meet these challenges and provide the comprehensive partnership this client needed.  Financially, PDS has been able to provide increasingly competitive rates, often providing savings of at least 33% over historical costs, while still meeting the stringent requirements for skills and competency level. 


They have delivered value in a variety of engagement types, providing not only technical resource staffing but also end to end outcome-based consulting, development, and implementation projects with defined deliverables.  Some of those engagements have been extremely innovative, such as a mobile application that captures real-time incidents and issues at their numerous facilities to ensure their staff addresses critical issues in a timely fashion or an application that leverages machine learning to process and cross-reference image uploads taken in the field all over the globe and match them with critical data in their core databases. 


Where PDS has been continually creative has been in addressing the geographic constraints by providing consulting around the development of remote development centers in the United States and near-shore to meet the financial, cultural and geographic constraints of this client.


By providing comprehensive capabilities, financially competitive models and innovative approaches, PDS has established itself as a truly trusted advisor to this client and their continued evolution into a digitally enabled organization.