Solving Not Band-Aiding Security Problems


This large financial services firm knew they faced a significant security architecture transformation but were taking a phased approach as they finalized their desired end state. They acquired an endpoint security solution as part of a critical stop gap approach to resolve near-term gaps while providing them more time to design this future state security vision.


This strategy was significantly challenged, when the non-security focused partner they had leveraged for this acquisition struggled to implement the technology.

Upon the advice of the security technology provider, this client engaged MCS, as a recognized expert in this security solution arena.  MCS was able to implement this solution into a production state within weeks, in contrast to the years that the previous provider was forecasting. 

The MCS mission is to provide best-in-class cyber security solutions along with expert services to reduce our client’s exposure to business disruption stemming from security attacks or data theft and destruction.


Despite the rapid implementation approach, MCS still executed its comprehensive discovery approach and uncovered the opportunity to transform this perceived band-aid approach to a more pivotal part of the broader security strategy. 

They were able to engage more broadly with the client and help them optimize their security architecture that saved them significant time and money in achieving the security posture they desired.

Ultimately, MCS’s security expertise enabled this client to implement their future state security architecture in half the time that their proposed band aid solution was projected to take.  In the current environment where cyber security breaches occur on daily basis, the ability to collapse the timeline to protect their clients and their business was critical.