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Vyom Labs

Vyom Labs is a leading Digital Enterprise Services Company specialized in IT Infrastructure, Cloud Management powered by Automation.

How we help our clients

Founded in 2003, in Pune, by Prasad Patwa and Uday Birajdar, the Vyom Group (comprising of Vyom Labs, Omnepresent and Cogniwize) is a partner of BMC software, Salesforce, Snowflake and Mendix providing consulting and implementation services. We offer consulting, implementation, workflow development and managed services for BMC digital products suite, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, ITIL processes and Robotic and IT process automation. Furthermore, our unique product AutomationEdge and solution accelerators in new areas such as Hyper automation, AI and cognitive technologies give us a competitive edge over other service providers.

We are in the business for over 17 years serving customers globally. With customer centric and innovative approaches, we can help you in your digital transformation journey, enable you to manage your IT effectively and gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


  • Service Management
  • Workload Automation
  • IT Operations Management
  • Cloud Management
  • IT Automation


  • BMC Digital IT
  • Salesforce Services
  • Training Services
  • ServiceRize