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OvalEdge is a Data Catalog and End-to-End Governance Suite to improve productivity, reduce risk, and deliver trustworthy data. .

How we help our clients

OvalEdge’s comprehensive functionality enables users to establish and improve data access, data literacy, and data quality. The suite crawls your organizations’ databases, BI platforms, ETL tools, and data lakes to create a smart inventory of your data assets. 

OvalEdge is quick and easy to roll out, uses a lean infrastructure for lower IT costs, and has open architecture so users can customize their business logic. 


OvalEdge can enable your end-to-end Data Governance vision with: 


  • Best Practices and Tools That Enable: 
    • Data Literacy 
    • Data Quality 
    • Data Access 


  • Self Service Tools that Execute:
    • Data Discovery 
    • Collaborative Analytics 
    • Impact Analysis 
    • Compare Tools 
    • Privacy Tools