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Cogniwize is a leading provider of comprehensive QA and RPA solutions, focused on modern business digitization strategies.

How we help our clients

Cogniwize Infosystem is one of the leading IT companies offering services and platforms on Business & IT Automation technologies. Today, we are 100+ employees’ strong and serving 13+clients across the globe. Cogniwize provides a range of offerings such as RPA and Testing Services, including Salesforce Testing, ServiceNow Testing, AI & ML Testing, IoT Testing, and additional testing & RPA services. We also provide a TCoE helping businesses from scratch, working closely with clients to develop the vision, roadmap, and structure for achieving excellence in testing functions.

Our RPA and testing offerings empower businesses to focus on the digitization opportunities with the highest business impact. We have been recognized as a robust provider capable of delivering results in the digital landscape with effective AI-based technology solutions.


  • Salesforce Testing
  • ServiceNow Testing
  • AI & ML Testing
  • IoT Testing
  • RPA Services